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The Yellow Monarch Gallery
Mar 09, 2019, 12:00 PM
North Kingstown High School
Would you like to share some of the artwork you have created or get a chance to view beautiful artworks?
Can you make it?

Interested in Displaying your art or Joinging us?

Please consider choosing to share some of your artwork at this gallery. It can range from all different types. 


If you would like to share your artwork please contact me, Liz Peters, at (401) 573-8859 or elizabethrose255@gmail.com


If you would like to display your art but can't make it to the event, you can send me your work or email me a photo to print.


Please consider joining me at my art gallery and supporting something sepcial. It is being held at North Kingstown High School in the school's cafeteria on saturday March 9th from 12-2 pm.

Art Gallery

The Yellow Monarch Gallery is going to include tables set up with displayed artwork. Food and drinks will be provided, and music will be playing. Enjoy the time to talk with friends while supporting Liz Peters, the Maddie Potts Foundation, and viewing beautiful artwork. 

Can you make it?

Gallery day 



Hi, I am Liz Peters, a senior at North Kingstown High School. And for my senior project, I have decided to dedicate it to pursuing something I truly enjoy, photography. And that led me to host an art gallery because it allows me to share some photos I have taken that have gone unseen while inviting others to share some of their beautiful artwork as well.



I also decided to make my event a fundraiser to the Maddie Potts Foundation. Maddie Potts was a senior at Chariho High School who passed away when she collapsed on the soccer field because of a brain aneurysm. Maddie was a very close friend of mine whom I considered a sister and her passing had a very strong effect on my life and the lives around me. She was a true athlete and loved the game of soccer, but she was also an amazing artist. That was another reason I chose to host an art gallery because I wanted to be able to show some of her artwork along with honoring her life and the impact her death as left on this world. 



Maddie Potts Foundation


Like I said this event is a fundraiser to the Maddie Potts Foundation. There will be a donation bin at the entrance of the gallery, and some Maddie Potts merchandise will be sold. When you make a donation you will receive a What Would Maddie Do and The Yellow Monarch Gallery Bracelet 


You can show more support by checking out the Maddie Potts Foundation instagram and website. 










150 Fairway Drive 

North Kingstown, RI



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